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All the clubs and contacts listed on the right is ready to welcome you!

People are usaually organized in clubs or "foreninger" as we call them. There are various sports and levels within each sport - you just need to find the right one for you - being child, teen, adult or senior. You can participate in individual sports as well as team sport. Common for both is that community is of great matter in the different clubs.

Note that all clubs mentioned are comitted on recieving new and international citizens.
All clubs are non-commercial.

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Clubs and contacts

American football
Herning Hawks AFC - Contact: Henrik Rasmussen, T: +45 29799189, M:
Herning Cricket Club - Contact: Morten Hedegaard, T: +45 26276258, M:
Sport92 Fitness - Contact: Jan Witt Jensen, M:
Herning Floorball Club - Contact: Elisabeth Mølgård Torp, T: +45 22736420, M:
Ice hockey
Herning Icehockey Club - Contact: Kent Andersen, T: +45 28344612, M:
Ice skating
Herning Skøjteløber Forening - Contact: Brynjar Hafsteinsson, T: +45 53173469, M:
Mountain biking
De Små Klinger - Contact: Finn Lau Nielsen, T: +45 20893141, M:
Herning GF, Athletics & Exercise - Contact: Anne Mette Foldager, T: +45 25842025, M:
Soccer/ football

Herning KFUM Soccer - Youth - Contact: Jesper Gadegaard, T: +45 25101924, M:
Herning KFUM Soccer - Adult/ sernior - Contact: Jonas Søgård Nielsen, T: +45 28707102, M:
Sport92 Squash - Contact: Erling Engelund, T: +45 21249664, M:
Herning Squash Club - Contact: Lars Skov Iversen, T: +45 21623652, M:
Herning KFUM Volleyball - Contact: Kirsten Bruun, T: +45 22431672, M:
Water Polo
Herning Water Polo Club - Contact: Thomas Møller Jensen, T: +45 20646393, M:


Herning Sportscouncil /
Herning Idrætsråd
: c/o Sportcenter Herning, Holingknuden 3, 7400 Herning

Att: Mads Løvig - 22 81 67 91


Email: Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.

Mobil: +45 22 81 67 91

Phone: +45 96 28 86 60