Clubs and associations

Clubs and associations

Whether you like football, board games, outdoor activities or music, there is a club or an association for you in Denmark. Danes love clubs and associations, and most of them are menbers of one or more. Association activities and volunteer work are key elements of Danish society and provide knowledge about communities, involvement, cooperation and indepence. Associations play an active role in developing civil society and creating a place for people from different parts of society to meet.
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Herning Sportscouncil /
Herning Idrætsråd
: c/o Sportcenter Herning, Holingknuden 3, 7400 Herning

Att: Mads Løvig - 22 81 67 91


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Mobil: +45 22 81 67 91

Phone: +45 96 28 86 60