A helping hand

The power of volunteerism

Being volunteer you will be part of meaningful and joyful community around a specific activity. It is a great way to meet new people and contributing for the benefit of others and developing your local community.

Volunteer Center Herning

Volunteer Center Herning exist primarily to foster, promote and develop volunterism.We support those who help others through voluntary efforts.

In Herning there is a lot of different organizations, who aim to help other people. Organizations where many volunteers help those, who need it. It could be lonely people, elderly people, families in trouble og people with different kinds of diagnoses or disabilities. Volunteer Center Herning is here to help and support these organizations and their many volunteers.

In Volunteer Center Herning you are always welcome to stop by for a chat about being a volunteer. We can bring you in touch with the organization, you particularly wish to work for, and if you are in doubt where to place your voluntary effort, we will very much like to help you become aware of the opportunities. There’s a lot of need for volunteers – and somewhere they need someone exactly like you. Please let us know, if we shall help you find out, where and who and when.

If you would like to form your own charity or organization, we would also like to help you taking the first steps – or get you in touch with someone, who already do something similar.

Read more - give us a call – or send us an email – and let’s make the world a better place

Please contact: Kurt Kleon Jeppesen, Leader of Volunteer Center Herning
5216 7976 – kurt@fcherning.dk

Event volunteer in Herning

Join as a volunteer at local events. Herning Municipality is a regular partner at major sports and cultural events in Herning.
We organize the volunteers in collaborations with a union or other partners and the volunteers are an essential part of the way we do events in Herning.
It is the volunteers who make the extra difference that make the event fantastic, unforgettable and unique. You will typically get assignments within transport, accreditation, media, venue set up, sports and competition, security, VIP, ceremonies, ticketing, service, guides and more.
As a volunteer you will always get general information about the event and being a volunteer, briefing before events, schedule and contact information, catering during your assignment and a clothing package. Often there is held a kind of gathering at the end of an event. Most important you are going to make a difference and be part of a great community.
Recieve mail next time an event is being held - write Pia Trab Worm, M: bekpw@herning.dk and you join as a listed volunteer - you can always skip an event. For further information call Pia Trab Worm, T: +45 51189094 or send an email.

Volunteers in Herning do not solve tasks for which the venue would otherwise hire staff. It is not possible to register as a volunteer for concerts in Jyske Bank BOXEN via Herning Municipality. Contact MCH directly.


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